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HousingWorks provides the full suite of waitlist services that rent roll softwares cannot, focussing exclusively on the long time periods that low income housing applicants sit on waitlists. It is a new phenomenon of the last 30 years that applicants will fall in and out of eligibility - and reachability - many times while sitting on a waitlist. Properties managed by the following companies have found our services to handle every aspect of this situation more efficient and cost-saving than any in-house solution.

2Life Communities (formerly Jewish Community Housing)     Harbor Management     Maloney Properties     Peabody Properties     Winn Residential

Praise from Our Housing Advocate Users
“HousingWorks provides the ability to complete several applications at a time with one data entry session with the client. Once the client sits for the initial session to enter all the information, they are able to apply to many opportunities subsequently, allowing their housing goals to be met faster. I have used HousingWorks for many years and continue to be impressed with the program's development. I would recommend all social service advocates subscribe to HousingWorks as it is an extremely helpful tool that saves hours of time for staff and clients.”
- Lisa Dean, Eliot Community Human Services
“I serve as an Addiction Recovery Coach and about 99% of my clients are homeless. Before I connected with HousingWorks, my clients would generally get overwhelmed at the idea of completing 30 plus handwritten applications for housing. Through HousingWorks, my clients are more confident and serene as we complete the online application process in a reasonable amount of time.”
- Zakiya Alake, Recovery Coach.
“Catholic Social Services has been using various HousingWorks programs for over ten years. The Housing Search Application tool is by far one of the most useful, invaluable, and innovative tools our case managers have at their disposal. The time it saves in applying for multiple affordable housing waiting lists in incredible. This program helps alleviate the burden of housing search for the homeless families we work with across the Southcoast region. Many congratulations on this milestone achievement of twenty years of doing good work. Thank you to the entire Housing Works team for leading the charge in eliminating barriers to affordable housing across all of Massachusetts.”
- Martha Reed, Grants & Quality Coordinator for Catholic Social Services
“HousingWorks increased access to all affordable housing opportunities for residents across the Commonwealth upon its launch. Since then, it has grown by leaps and bounds in helping people navigate the housing gauntlet with greater ease and speed. e are proud to have recognized its value so early on, and to have provided support for a system that has become so ingrained across the state.”
- Daniel Curley, Executive Director for CCAA in 2000
“HousingWorks is a game-changer.”
- Bridge Over Troubled Waters Staff 2020 05 29
To HousingWorks Staff: "I just want to tell you thank you so much for all of these years of fighting for housing. Your fight for housing inequity to be abolished is part of the larger picture of injustice in America and beyond. As bad as things are, they would have been much worse, much sooner without your intervention. Thank you for all of these years of sacrificing your existence and giving 100 plus percent of your positive energy and spirit to this cause. I will always hold you in my heart and be proud that i existed in the same era as you and have the honor of knowing you."
- Helen J. Nichols, Housing Crisis Coordinator, City of Boston Office of Housing Stability
“I cannot express enough how appreciative we are that you were able to partner with us in providing extremely valuable housing education and guidance to our team. The resources and knowledge shared will enable our team members to assist patient and families experiencing housing challenges, and hopefully prevent homelessness and improve living conditions.”
- Cheryl Smith, DNP, MBA, RN - Manager of Patient Safety
and Medical Home Care, Pediatric Physicians’ Organization at Children’s 2020 12 04
"I am part of an agency-wide committee identifying best practices in housing search. Just getting off the ground now. No joke when I say that I’ve mentioned HousingWorks extensively as a best practice."
- Sean Pierce-Mahoney, Lowell CTI 2020 12 03

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